A lie can only be a lie - A letter to the Times of Malta by the Political Section of the Chinese Embassy

It seems that spreading disinformation to attack China has been an important job for Mark Schapiro, Chargé d'Affaires of the American Embassy in Malta.

In a recent interview with the Times of Malta, he once again made accusations against China, including Huawei. And once again, he lied.

Huawei is a leading company in 5G technology with a 40% market share around the world. It provides high quality services to over 170 countries.

Huawei attaches great importance to cybersecurity and privacy protection. It is the first and only company that has publicly pledged its readiness to sign a "no-back door" agreement with any country.

Some people in the United States claim that Huawei products pose security threats, but have never come up with any evidence.

The real reason that these people fabricate lies about Huawei is that they don't want to see a Chinese tech company taking the lead in the world.

China follows an independent foreign policy of peace and is committed to developing friendly relations with all countries on the basis of mutual respect and treating each other as equals.

We never interfere in other country's internal affairs and will not allow others to interfere in ours.

China is open to the world. As the largest trading partner of more than 130 countries and regions, we carry out win-win cooperation with partners around the globe.

The reason that some people in the United States launch a smear campaign against China is that they don't want to see the rejuvenation and prosperity of such an ancient civilization as China.

The fact of the matter is: it is the United States that undermines other countries' sovereignty and seeks control over other countries' destiny.

In the name of "democracy" or "human rights", the United States engages in regime change in other countries, often by force, causing huge civilian casualties.

Pursuing America first, the United States uses tariffs as a weapon to bully other countries economically.

US intelligence has long been running indiscriminate, illegal surveillance programs on foreign governments, businesses and individuals, including those of its allies. These are open facts disclosed by their own citizens.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, China-Malta relationship has withstood the test of time and the ever-changing international situation. It has become a role model for friendly relations between countries different in size, population and social system.

No matter how hard this American diplomat tries to sow discord, China-Malta relations will continue to grow and China-Malta cooperation will continue to prosper.

* * *

This letter was published in the Times of Malta on 25 July, 2020.

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