Remarks by Ambassador Jiang Jiang at the 18th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition in Malta

Dear teachers and students,


        Good evening. I'm delighted to attend the 18th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition in Malta. Last year, the competition was held in the Chinese embassy and my colleagues in the embassy were deeply impressed by your youthful energy and self-confidence. I'm looking forward to your outstanding performance today.

        Language is a bond that connects people together through time and space. In recent years, there has been growing enthusiasm for learning the Chinese language worldwide, and more and more Maltese friends are joining the ranks of Chinese learners as well. I believe that, as fans and devoted learners of this language, you must have discovered its beauty and the rich history and cultural heritage embodied in each Chinese character. By learning the Chinese language, you can build an emotional bond with great Chinese poets and writers or start a dialogue with Chinese sages; you get to learn about China’s five-thousand-year long civilization and its extraordinary accomplishment in the past seven decades since the founding of the People's Republic of China. To understand China, mastering its language is the key.

        I see “Chinese Bridge” as a bridge of dialogue and exchange between the people of China and Malta, two countries that enjoy traditional friendly ties. There are many vivid examples of mutual support and mutual learning between our two countries--Dry Dock No.6 at the Grand Harbour, the breakwater near the Freeport, the China Cultural Center in Valletta, the Mediterranean Regional Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Paola, and here the Chinese medical center and Confucius Institute at the university. Last year, our two governments signed an MOU on Belt and Road cooperation, which provides a fresh blueprint for broader and deeper cooperation in people-to-people exchanges and many other fields. Today, China-Malta relations are presented with unprecedented historic opportunities for further growth. I very much hope that you will all excel in learning the Chinese language, become “ambassadors” of friendship, help present a real China to the Maltese public and further promote our time-honored relations.

        The topic of this year's competition is “One World, One Family”. It echoes the traditional Chinese philosophy of pursuing harmony and peace. As the world undergoes profound changes, and multi-polarity, economic globalization and cultural diversity gain momentum, I believe that only when we see the world as one family, promote exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations and follow the principles of mutual respect and seeking common ground while settling differences between countries can we build a community with a shared future for mankind and create a brighter future for the world.

        In conclusion, I wish you all excellent performance in the competition and today's event a great success.

        Thank you.

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